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Welcome to Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, located on the hill in Linglestown, Pennsylvania

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We have returned to the Nave for Sunday 9:30AM worship.
All safety protocols will be in place.  Wear your mask!
Please understand all other activities are cancelled until further notice. 

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"God Is Always Faithful"

Message from Pastor Kerns

Stir up your power, and come! The psalmist’s plea in Psalm 80:2 has become familiar to us in the Advent prayers. Isaiah wants God to rip the heavens open. Both cry out for an apparently distant, angry God to show up, to save, to restore. When we hear Jesus describing the coming of the Son of Man with stars falling from heaven, it can sound dire and horrible, not like anything we would ever hope for. But when we really look at the suffering of people God loves, we can share the hope that God would tear open the heavens and come.

The return to the Nave for worship has gone well and everyone has abided by the protocols that are set in place including and very importantly wearing a mask. We have distanced in the Nave and have worshipped in a safe way that includes no singing at this time and we have fasted from communion as well for the safety of everyone present. Recently the state of Pennsylvania has asked people to wear your masks and keep vigilant when you are out and about for your safety. We have heard from our Synodical Bishop about the need to make sure we follow the guidelines for our safety. One denomination has asked their churches to close until after January first. We are not there yet, according to our Bishop, but that will depend on the progress of the virus.

I offer you the peace of Christ and pray that you are all safe. Keep yourselves in prayer and scripture to keep yourselves strong and able to overcome any concerns that you are facing.

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Handicap Accessible Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is wheelchair accessible.
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Lessons for 1st Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 64:1-9
Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19
1 Corinthians 1:3-9
Mark 13:24-37 

We encourage you to open your Bible (or click here) to read the scripture passages before reading Pastor Kerns's weekly message.