Church Committees are comprised of members who volunteer for their work. Covering a variety of areas, from maintenance to worship, from finance to education, these committees make recommendations to the Congregation Council and implement their decisions.

Church and Community Committee

The Church and Community Committee meets to plan congregational service projects, and to respond to needs in our neighborhood and world.

Cyber-sciples Committee

This Committee oversees the computer hardware and software needs of the congregation and exercises responsibility for the upkeep of our website.

Family Ministry Committee

Consists of three “Teams” — Christian Education, Youth Advisory, and Fellowship.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the financial affairs of our congregation.

Maintenance and Repair Committee

The Maintenance and Repair Committee oversees the ongoing maintenance and repair needs of our church property.

Mutual Ministry Committee

The Mutual Ministry Committee is comprised of six members of the congregation, appointed by the Congregation Council, to serve two-year terms. They work to facilitate relationships among the staff and between the congregation and staff, and also function as a personnel committee.

Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music Committee helps plan services and makes recommendations regarding our worship life.